Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Form 990 Key Reports-MIP Spotlight

  1. Form 990-Part VIII-Statement of Revenue
  2. Form 990-Part IX-Statement of Functional Expenses
  3. Form 990-Part X-Balance Sheet
  4. Form 990-Part XI-Reconciliation of Net Assets
  5. Form 990-Part 1-Summarized Statement of Revenues and Expenses
  6. Form 990-Schedule A-Schedule of Support
  7. Form 990-Schedule B-Schedule of Contributors
Let us help you to maximize your use of the MIP Form 990 report writer application.   Our firm and staff use MIP Fund Accounting on a daily basis so let us help you maximize the use of this powerful application.

The MIP worksheets are for Form Form 990, Part 1, Part VIII, Part IX, and Part X.  While this supporting documentation is preset, it does require you to assign the proper setup during the chart of account setup.   Another more flexible option is to use the financial and transaction reports to setup whichever tax form you need and use the report writer.

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