Monday, May 1, 2017

Abila MIP Fund Accounting Report Writer - Application Spotlight

  1. Setup Grant specific reporting formatting
  2. Group chart of accounts segments
  3. Board and Management Financial Reporting
  4. Date and Formula based custom columns
  5. Setup report formats to produce graphs and charts
  6. Produce financial reports for auditor including statement of functional expense
  7. Product trend reports by month, by quarter, and by year
Let us help you to maximize your use of the report writer application.   Our firm and staff use MIP Fund Accounting on a daily basis so let us help you maximize the use of this powerful application.

The grant specific reporting would be to setup a custom statement format.   The report group feature allows you to group the various chart of accounts segments.   The balance sheet and statement of revenues and expenditures are typically used to produce board and executive management reporting.  The custom column feature on certain report templates allows to to setup custom columns.  You can setup chart and graph formats directly from within the report writer.   We typically provide the statement of functional expense and schedule of federal awards for our clients including numerous other auditor reports.  The revenue and expenses by period report allow you review trends based on different historical periods.

Contact us to see what we can do to help your financial reporting using MIP Fund Accounting.

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