Monday, May 2, 2016

Nonprofit Accounting Software Review

Nonprofit Accounting Software Review

Accounting Software for Nonprofits

We have taken several hundred clients through the nonprofit accounting
software evaluation process.

Our solutions focus on finding the best nonprofit accounting software to meet
your specific software needs.

We help our clients by providing software advisory services to include
planning, implementation and training services.

We are providing the following 2016 Review of Nonprofit Accounting Systems
from CPA Practice Advisor to let you know the current nonprofit accounting
systems that are available.   We suggest you contact us first to help you through
this important and complicated process.  Generally, we provide our software
evaluation for free and as an investment in our clients to help plan and insure
a successful software implementation.

Here is the link from CPA Practice Advisor's 2016 Review of Nonprofit
Accounting Systems and hope you find it helpful.

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